Celebrity Bucks University

Game Overview : How Pricing is Calculated

Celebrities earn value each time they are mentioned in any of the many celebrity news websites that Celebrity Bucks is monitoring 24 hours/day. Each website is worth a certain amount and a celebrity earns that amount with a mention. You can check the value of a website by visiting that website's page here on CelebrityBucks.com. For example, if you visit the TMZ listing, you'll find the Mention Value on that page for any celebrity that TMZ mentions.

For example, if George Clooney gets mentioned in an article on TMZ, and TMZ's Mention Value is $8,000, then George Clooney's Celebrity Bucks value increases by $8,000.

Rolling 48 Hours

Celebrity values are calculated by adding up all of the mentions over the past rolling 48 hours from all of the websites that Celebrity Bucks monitors. The "rolling" is important here because it literally means the previous 48 hours from this very minute.

For example, if it is 1:00 pm right now, a celebrity's Celebrity Bucks value is calculated by adding up all of that celebrity's mentions since 1:00 pm two days ago.

RSS Feeds

Celebrity Bucks is constantly reading the RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) feeds from the best celebrity news websites on the Web today. An RSS feed is a structured document that a website can publish for others to read. Some websites publish full or summarized text of their articles. Some websites only publish headlines. Celebrity Bucks does not crawl the actual article unless the website publishes the text through its RSS feed.

Spelling Matters

If a celebrity's name is misspelled or is not the name that Celebrity Bucks uses, we cannot assign any earnings to that article for that celebrity. The name must be spelled the same. For example, an article about Kim Kardashian must have the words "Kim Kardashian" in it.

Some celebrities will not be found in Celebrity Bucks because their names are either too common or too easily mistaken. For example, the artist known as "Prince" will not be found in Celebrity Bucks because "Prince" can be mistaken for Prince William, Prince Charles, or any celebrity with the name "prince".

The musician P!nk is included because the "i" is actually an exclamation mark in her official name. If she used the name "Pink", we wouldn't be able to include her because the likelihood of false positives on article mentions would be very high.

Each celebrity can have multiple aliases and these aliases will be listed on that celebrity's Celebrity Bucks page. For example, the reality TV star Snooki can earn mentions on matches for:
- Snooki
- Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi
- Nicole Polizzi

Missed Celebrity Mention

Sometimes a celebrity will be mentioned in an article but the celebrity's name won't be part of the article title or summary provided in the RSS feed. For example, if there were an article about Prince William and the title was "Prince does something royal", but the title and summary provided in the RSS feed do not say the specific words: "Prince William", Celebrity Bucks cannot match it to Prince William.

If you find this happening frequently with your favorite celebrity news website, please contact them and ask them to use the celebrity's full name in the article title or summary so that Celebrity Bucks can match on it.

No Articles From a Celebrity Website

It's not uncommon for many of the websites we monitor to have technical issues. Some will experience periodic downtime and some may not have implemented their RSS feeds particularly well. In these cases, it may become difficult to read their RSS feed. On every website's Celebrity Bucks page, you'll find a status message letting you know how well we are reading their RSS feed at the moment.

A green light indicates that Celebrity Bucks is reading the website's RSS feed correctly. A yellow light indicates that we have been experiencing difficulties within the past few hours. A redlight indicates that we have inactivated that website until their technical issues have been resolved.