Celebrity Bucks University

Game Overview : Key Concepts

There are a number of options available in any contest to enhance the experience for players.

Starting Cash Amount

Each contest begins with a certain amount of cash for each player. The amount can range from just $1,000 to $1 million depending on how difficult you want to make the contest. If we consider the average value of a celebrity to be between $10,000 and $30,000, the lower the starting cash amount - the more difficult the contest. A low starting cash amount means that players will need to make wise investment choices in order to earn enough money to buy more expensive celebrities.

Maximum # of Celebrities

Each contest has a maximum number of celebrities that can be owned in any one portfolio at a time. A contest with a Maximum # of Celebrities of 20 means that no player may own more than 20 celebrities at one time. The lower the maximum number, the more challenging the contest will be.

Maximum Drops

Maximum Drops refers to the maximum number of celebrities that can be sold in one day. Establishing a maximum drop amount prevents players from churning, meaning that a player cannot simply buy every celebrity and then sell every celebrity the same day. An unlimited number of drops per day combined with a lengthy celebrity waiver period could potentially lead to no celebrities being available for purchase on the Exchange. The lower the maximum drop, the more challenging the contest will be.

Celebrity Waiver Period

A Celebrity Waiver Period is the amount of time after a celebrity is sold that other players must wait before that celebrity can be purchased again. The concept behind the Waiver is to avoid collusion between players and to give other players the opportunity to purchase the celebrity. Waiver Periods can range from zero (celebrity can be purchased immediately after being sold) to a full 24 hours.

For example, if a celebrity is sold at 1:00 pm and the contest has a 30-minute Waiver Period, that celebrity cannot be purchased by another player until 1:30 pm.

Bonus Bucks

Bonus Bucks are a temporary price change for a particular celebrity. A contest that has enabled Bonus Bucks means that celebrities may become available periodically for either more than their current HollyStock value or less.

For example, if Taylor Swift's current Celebrity Bucks value is $50,000, but her Bonus Bucks value is $250,000, her value on the Celebrity Bucks Exchange will be $250,000 for as long as she maintains her Bonus Bucks distinction. In this example, players who own Taylor Swift can sell her for $250,000. If she is not owned, she can be purchased for $250,000.

Bonus Bucks do not always mean an increase in value. Using Taylor Swift once again, if her Celebrity Bucks value is $50,000 but her Bonus Bucks value is $1,000, then she could be bought or sold for $1,000. The Bonus Bucks value will generally favor either a buyer or seller situation.

Bonus Bucks are temporary changes in value and are subject to either change or be withdrawn by the system at any time. Bonus Bucks are a global feature of the Celebrity Bucks Exchange meaning that only Celebrity Bucks can determine what celebrities will become Bonus Bucks celebrities.

Enabling Bonus Bucks is completely optional.