Celebrity Bucks University

Game Overview : Membership Restrictions

A public contest may have membership restrictions before players can join.

Verified Email

A Verified Email is someone who has had their email address verified by CelebrityBucks.com. When you create a free account on Celebrity Bucks, we'll send you a welcome email with both a link to verify your account as well as a verification code that can be entered on the My Account screen. Only those players who have verified their email address with Celebrity Bucks would be eligible to join your contest. This eliminates those players using fake email addresses.

Celebrity Bucks VIP

A Celebrity Bucks VIP is someone who has joined the VIP program and has access to additional tools or resources that standard members do not. These players pay a small fee each month to be a VIP, and because they pay to be VIP members, it is relatively safe to assume that the competition can be more challenging.

Celebrity Bucks University Graduate

Restricting a contest to only Celebrity Bucks University Graduates means that each player who joins your contest has earned a perfect score on the free Celebrity Bucks University Exam. An CBU grad is likely to have a much better understanding of how Celebrity Bucks works than someone who has not read the CBU Course materials that you are reading right now.

The purpose behind requiring these membership restrictions is to elevate the competition that your contest will experience.