Celebrity Bucks University

Game Overview : Creating a Contest

Anyone can create a free contest on CelebrityBucks.com. Simply create a contest, invite your friends, and start playing.

Each contest can be customized to enhance the contest experience. To begin, you'll need to provide a name for your contest. We ask that if your contest is open to the public that you remain respectful when picking a contest name.

Public VS Private

The first decision you'll need to make is whether to make your contest public or private. A public contest is one where other Celebrity Bucks users may join. If you create a public contest, you can also add Membership Restrictions to alter either the competitive nature of your contest or ensure that only legitimate or knowledgeable users may join.

A private contest is not open to the public. The only way to join a private contest is by entering in a password. When you create a private contest, you'll be required to specify the password that others will need to enter in order to join your contest. A private contest is ideal if you only want to compete against people you know. The drawback is that you'll be responsible for getting people to join your contest as it won't be visible in search results for other players.

Number of Players

You can decide how many players you want to join your contest. If you specify a minimum number of players and that number isn't reached by the time the contest starts, the contest will end without a winner. For example, if you specify a minimum of 10 players and only 8 join, the contest will end without a winner once the contest start date has been reached.

Portfolio Options

There are a number of customizable options that you can specify for player portfolios. These include the starting cash amount, maximum number of celebrities, maximum drops, celebrity waivers, and Bonus Bucks. These are covered in greater detail within the chapter on Key Concepts.

Contest Dates and Times

When creating your contest, you will need to determine:
1. The date and time your contest will begin
2. The date that your contest will end
3. The Market Hours for your contest

TIP: It is strongly recommended that you give yourself enough time to recruit players to your contest. It is advisable that you pick a start date either a few days or at least a week from the date you create your contest.

All Celebrity Bucks contests end at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the Contest End Date.

You can also customize the Market Hours for your contest. The Market Hours are the times of the day that celebrities can be bought and sold on the Celebrity Bucks Exchange. For example, if the Market Hours for your contest are 9:00 am ET through 5:00 pm ET, the players in your contest can buy and sell celebrities ONLY during those hours. The Market in this example would be considered "Closed" from 5:01 pm ET through the following day at 8:59 am ET. Celebrities may not be purchased or sold when the Market is closed.

Markets may also be open 24 hours/day in which case the Market never closes and celebrities may be purchased or sold whenever you want.

Look for the following icons next to the Market Time on your contest screen to quickly determine whether or not your contest's market is open:

Market is OPEN

Market is CLOSED