Celebrity Bucks University

Celebrity Bucks Exchange : Buying Celebrities

Buy Celebs ButtonThere are two ways in which a celebrity can be purchased. The first is by clicking the Buy Celebrities option from your Contest screen.

This will take you to the Celebrity Bucks Exchange where every celebrity can be viewed along with his/her current Celebrity Bucks price. If you are visiting the Celebrity Bucks Exchange during the Market Hours designated for your particular contest, the Buy button option will display to the right of the celebrity.

Buy Celeb

Clicking the "Buy" button will tell Celebrity Bucks that you wish to purchase this celebrity and add him/her to your contest portfolio.

Minimum Purchase Price: The minimum purchase price of any celebrity is $1,000. If the celebrity has a current Celebrity Bucks value of $0, the celebrity may be purchased for $1,000.

The second way that a celebrity can be purchased is through a Celebrity Bucks tool like the Watchlist. This tool is designed to allow players to monitor the pricing and availability of any celebrity across all of that player's active contests.

Let's consider the following scenario: We are involved in 5 different Celebrity Bucks contests and we've just read some breaking news about a particular celebrity. We anticipate that celebrity's value to go up considerably. If we add that celebrity to our watchlist, we can immediately see which contests that celebrity is in along with our cash position and the celebrity's price in each contest. We can also buy that celebrity from the Watchlist without having to actually go into the contest and search for the celebrity. We can accomplish what we want in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

You can have a maximum of fifty (50) celebrities on your watchlist at any given time.