Celebrity Watchlist

The Celebrity Bucks Watchlist is a tool that allows you to track the pricing and availability of any celebrity across all of the live contests that you are involved in.

When Breaking News Happens, You'll Be Ready!
The moment that breaking news happens with a celebrity, add the celebrity to your Celebrity Bucks Watchlist to quickly determine which contests that celebrity is available in and whether or not you have enough cash to buy him/her.

While your competition is manually going through each of their contests checking the celebrity's availability and price, you'll have already purchased or sold the celebrity.

If you are involved in more than one Celebrity Bucks contest, the Watchlist will become one of your favorite tools.

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A screenshot of the Celebrity Bucks Watchlist is below. It allows you to see availability and cost at a glance for all of your live contests.

Celebrity Bucks Watchlist Screenshot