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The truly successful Celebrity Bucks players are the ones who are flipping celebrities all day long. Unlike the stock market where it can pay off to buy and hold, successful Celebrity Bucks players need to buy celebrities when their values are low and sell them when they are high...quickly. Some people buy homes, fix them up, and sell them. Here at Celebrity Bucks, we buy celebrities, wait for their value to peak, sell them, and bank the profit.

Celebrity Bucks Buzz is a closer look at the trends of pricing on Celebrity Bucks. The Moving Up and Moving Down features on the Celebrities homepage looks at pricing trends over the past two days (48 hours). Celebrity Bucks Buzz looks at trends over the past few hours with the goal of trying to find celebrities whose value is on the rise well before their value peaks. If you want to invest in a celebrity, it's best to invest early. Celebrity Bucks Buzz is a closer look at which celebrities are moving up, moving down, and which ones are consistently buzzing...right now.

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A screenshot of Celebrity Bucks Buzz is below. It's the perfect tool to help identify celebrities whose value is on the rise.

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