Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Oftentimes, a celebrity will be mentioned across multiple celebrity news sites on his/her birthday. If you know the birthday in advance, you can often turn a quick profit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore (61 years old)
Andrew McCarthy
Andrew McCarthy (60 years old)
Anna Faris
Anna Faris (46 years old)
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Brian Baumgartner
Brian Baumgartner (50 years old)
Christine Pascal
Christine Pascal (69 years old)
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle (58 years old)
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Ellen Cleghorne
Ellen Cleghorne (57 years old)
Garry Shandling
Garry Shandling (73 years old)
Gena Lee Nolin
Gena Lee Nolin (51 years old)
Hinton Battle
Hinton Battle (66 years old)
Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel (67 years old)
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J. Holiday
J. Holiday (38 years old)
Jeff Fahey
Jeff Fahey (70 years old)
Jonathan Knight
Jonathan Knight (54 years old)
Kim Delaney
Kim Delaney (61 years old)
Laura Marano
Laura Marano (27 years old)
Lauren German
Lauren German (44 years old)
Lucas Black
Lucas Black (40 years old)
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Michel Duchaussoy
Michel Duchaussoy (84 years old)
Paola Turbay
Paola Turbay (52 years old)