Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Oftentimes, a celebrity will be mentioned across multiple celebrity news sites on his/her birthday. If you know the birthday in advance, you can often turn a quick profit.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren (86 years old)
Asia Argento
Asia Argento (45 years old)
Brad Beyer
Brad Beyer (47 years old)
Candy Spelling
Candy Spelling (75 years old)
Debbi Morgan
Debbi Morgan (64 years old)
Gary Cole
Gary Cole (64 years old)
Haya Harareet
Haya Harareet (89 years old)
Joanie Dodds
Joanie Dodds (39 years old)
Jon Bernthal
Jon Bernthal (44 years old)
Kristen Johnston
Kristen Johnston (53 years old)
Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung (56 years old)
Mitch Mullany
Mitch Mullany (52 years old)
N'Bushe Wright
N'Bushe Wright (50 years old)