Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Oftentimes, a celebrity will be mentioned across multiple celebrity news sites on his/her birthday. If you know the birthday in advance, you can often turn a quick profit.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry (51 years old)
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Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse (37 years old)
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Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Kimberly Williams-Paisley (49 years old)
Amanda Barrie
Amanda Barrie (85 years old)
Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln (47 years old)
Tweet Happy Birthday to Andrew Lincoln
Callum Keith Rennie
Callum Keith Rennie (60 years old)
Dan Cortese
Dan Cortese (53 years old)
Dilshad Vadsaria
Dilshad Vadsaria (35 years old)
Faith Ford
Faith Ford (56 years old)
Harve Presnell
Harve Presnell (87 years old)
Jamie Kaler
Jamie Kaler (56 years old)
Joey Heatherton
Joey Heatherton (76 years old)
Mary Crosby
Mary Crosby (61 years old)
Melissa Leo
Melissa Leo (60 years old)
Michelle Stafford
Michelle Stafford (55 years old)
Nicol Williamson
Nicol Williamson (84 years old)
Sam Neill
Sam Neill (73 years old)
Stephen Dunham
Stephen Dunham (56 years old)
Walter Koenig
Walter Koenig (84 years old)
Zoe Caldwell
Zoe Caldwell (87 years old)