Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Oftentimes, a celebrity will be mentioned across multiple celebrity news sites on his/her birthday. If you know the birthday in advance, you can often turn a quick profit.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Barbara Bain
Barbara Bain (89 years old)
Ben Savage
Ben Savage (40 years old)
Clyde Kusatsu
Clyde Kusatsu (72 years old)
Eileen Fulton
Eileen Fulton (87 years old)
Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Bisset (76 years old)
Jean Smart
Jean Smart (69 years old)
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Joe Don Rooney
Joe Don Rooney (45 years old)
Joe E. Tata
Joe E. Tata (84 years old)
Louis Mandylor
Louis Mandylor (54 years old)
Nell Carter
Nell Carter (72 years old)
Scott Vickaryous
Scott Vickaryous (45 years old)
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney (49 years old)