After Ellen

After Ellen

When a celebrity is mentioned on the After Ellen website, that celebrity will earn $6,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Celebrity News From After Ellen

Olivia Wilde

Booksmart: Olivia Wilde s New Film Has a Sweet Lesbian Twist...

Published: Apr, 17, 2019 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Olivia Wilde

Gillian Anderson

Julie Goldman s Celesbian Interviews Special: KATE MCKINNON...

Published: Apr, 15, 2019 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Gillian Anderson

Ellen DeGeneres

Can we guess which 90s power lesbian you are?...

Published: Apr, 4, 2019 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Ellen DeGeneres