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B. Scott

When a celebrity is mentioned on the B. Scott website, that celebrity will earn $4,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Watch: Cassie Goes Futuristic for Fashion Nova [Video]...

Published: Dec, 17, 2018 Earned: $4,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Cassie

Kanye West

Drake Reportedly Beefs Up Home Security Amid Kanye West Feud...

Published: Dec, 16, 2018 Earned: $4,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Kanye West

Adrienne Bailon

InstaGLAM: Adrienne Bailon Sits Proper in Fashion Nova [Photos]...

Published: Dec, 13, 2018 Earned: $4,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Adrienne Bailon