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When a celebrity is mentioned on the Chicago Tribune website, that celebrity will earn $6,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Celebrity News From Chicago Tribune

Al Roker

Al Roker released from hospital after blood clots, misses first Thanksgiving parade in 27 years...

Published: Nov, 24, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Al Roker

John Ritter

Anna Diop interview: In Nanny, one immigrant story informs another...

Published: Nov, 25, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: John Ritter

Robert Clary

Robert Clary, last of the Hogan s Heroes stars, dies at 96...

Published: Nov, 17, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Robert Clary

Taylor Swift

Ticketmaster cancels Taylor Swift tour s public tickets sale...

Published: Nov, 17, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Taylor Swift