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Thompson on Hollywood

When a celebrity is mentioned on the Thompson on Hollywood website, that celebrity will earn $7,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Celebrity News From Thompson on Hollywood

James Whitmore

Hamilton on Disney+ Won t Be Heading for the Oscars Here s Why...

Published: Jul, 6, 2020 Earned: $7,000

Celebrities Mentioned: James Whitmore Laurence Olivier

Claire Danes

With Homeland in the Rearview, Claire Danes Explains Why Carrie Could Not Kill Saul...

Published: Jul, 6, 2020 Earned: $7,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Claire Danes

Reese Witherspoon

With Three Shows in Emmy Contention, Reese Witherspoon Has Honed Her Creative Voice...

Published: Jul, 1, 2020 Earned: $7,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Reese Witherspoon

Stanley Tucci

James Corden Rose to Meet Lockdown, from HomeFest to Stanley Tucci...

Published: Jun, 29, 2020 Earned: $7,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Stanley Tucci