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When a celebrity is mentioned on the Filmmaker Magazine website, that celebrity will earn $6,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Celebrity News From Filmmaker Magazine

Oscar Isaac

A Final Hurrah for Sodium Vapor : DP Andrew Droz Palermo on Moon Knight...

Published: Jun, 15, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Oscar Isaac

Isabelle Huppert

Between Tourneur and Bu uel: Serge Bozon on Don Juan...

Published: Jun, 9, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Isabelle Huppert

Al Pacino

17 Films and VR Pieces to Anticipate at the 2022 Tribeca Festival...

Published: Jun, 8, 2022 Earned: $6,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Al Pacino Taylor Swift