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When a celebrity is mentioned on the reality blurred website, that celebrity will earn $5,000 per article. The headlines below have been used to calculate celebrity values.

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Jeff Probst

CBS promos spoiled Survivor. Jeff Probst told fans to complain. Now it s been resolved. ...

Published: Oct, 4, 2019 Earned: $5,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Jeff Probst

Phil Keoghan

Tough As Nails is Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan s new working class CBS competition...

Published: Oct, 3, 2019 Earned: $5,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Phil Keoghan

Ellen DeGeneres

First Dates and Ellen s Design Challenge are both returning, sort of...

Published: Sep, 30, 2019 Earned: $5,000

Celebrities Mentioned: Ellen DeGeneres


We ll be able to watch Drag Race UK in the US, on TV, one week later...

Published: Sep, 26, 2019 Earned: $5,000

Celebrities Mentioned: RuPaul