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There are two ways to get ahead in Celebrity Bucks.

The first is to Buy and Hold. This is useful if you think that a celebrity will increase in value over a great deal of time. The drawback to this approach is that when the contest ends, your net worth will be calculated based upon the celebrity's current value regardless of whether or not the value reached what you thought it would.

The second is to Buy and Flip. This is the best way to play Celebrity Bucks. If you purchase a celebrity for $1,000 and the celebrity's value later rises to $50,000, you can sell that celebrity from this screen for $50,000 and earn a net profit of $49,000. You can then use that money to buy another celebrity whose value you think will rise, sell them when their value peaks, and keep accumulating money.

When your contest ends, we will add up the current values of all the celebrities you currently own ALONG with whatever cash you have to determine your Net Worth. The player with the greatest Net Worth is declared the winner.

From this screen, you can see your portfolio along with the price you paid for each celebrity and the amount of profit (or loss) you've made on your purchase. To sell any of the celebrities in your portfolio, simply click on the "Sell" button.
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