Co-Branded Contests on is an online game where players can buy and sell celebrities like the stock market. Celebrities earn money each time they are mentioned in the nearly 200 websites that CelebrityBucks monitors 24/7. The goal is to have the most money at the end of the contest. Play the demo.

Engage Your Audience Competitively!

Would you like to run a special contest for your listeners, readers, fans, employees, or members? We can work with you to make your CelebrityBucks contest unique!

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 917-727-4563.

Co-branded contests can be customized in several ways. The look and feel can be modified to make the traditional CelebrityBucks look and feel more like your brand. We can change the background, colors, images, and add your logo or any custom artwork that you like.

Co-branded contests also do not have to follow the same restrictions on number of users. Co-branded contests can have hundreds of players all competing at once.

Play for Free!

The team at CelebrityBucks can handle the details of running your contest leaving you free to enjoy the competition and interaction with your listeners, readers, fans, employees, and members.

You and your audience are invited to play CelebrityBucks for free. If you want to offer a prize to your winner(s), that's entirely up to you!

Sample CelebrityBucks Contest

Sample CelebrityBucks Contest

Sample CelebrityBucks Contest